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Finding the best list price for your home: expertise or lucky guess?

Is establishing the best list price based on comparable sales, expertise or just a lucky guess? Finding an accurate list price is a combination of three important factors: comparable sales analysis, a very important interview with the seller by the listing agent, and expertise in market psychology by the listing agent. Of course, a bit of luck is at play…

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hurricane michael aftermath relief
Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael Aftermath Relief

The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) announced that it approved $400,000 to help Floridians with housing-related needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael’s destruction in the Panhandle. The funds come from NAR’s Realtors Relief Foundation (RRF), a charitable organization “dedicated to providing housing-related assistance to victims of disasters.” RRF is completely separate from Florida Realtors’ Disaster Relief Fund, and impacted…

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2018 real estate 4th quarter update
Real Estate Forecast

4th Quarter Real Estate Update

Sellers, don’t conflate the economic strength with home values! Recently, the market has softened as buyers retrench. This recent change in buyers’ attitudes toward home values has resulted in 5 consecutive monthly drops in home sales and has left many MLS listed properties overpriced. Sellers believe their homes are worth more than what buyers believe. The most common seller’s remark…

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how to price a home
Pricing your home

How To Price A Home

How to Price a Home The best way to determine a home’s list price is NOT to rely on Zillow, but to combine known home data points including a seller’s knowledge, past sale data or comparable sale analysis, and some savvy thinking. What is the Zillow Factor Anyway? Do not seriously consider Zillow’s Zestimate or any home pricing algorithm as…

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multiple offers
Multiple Offers

Be Sure Your Agent Can Manage Multiple Offers

At Altru Realty we are trained to manage multiple offers—a professional skill that’s needed when we’ve priced a home anticipating that multiple buyers will make full-priced offers. Once the full price offers come flooding in, the Altru team is prepared to effectively handle the work flow and the challenges that multiple offers bring. And multiple offers bring do bring multiple…

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sell real estate
Sell Your Home

Is it time to sell real estate and park your cash?

Interest rates are now pushing 4.5% for an average 30 year mortgage which still remains historically low, but more factors than historically low interest rates affect the direction of the real estate market.  The US real estate market seems to be cycling with the US economy, so it’s important to pay attention to trends in the economic market place in…

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property survey
Property Survey

A buyer always needs a new survey!

A new survey will provide an accurate picture of a property being purchased by determining accuracy of dimensions, identifying boundaries and easements, revealing encroachments and any other issues affecting the physical aspects of the property.  But too often, buyers and lenders rely on a recertified old survey along with a seller’s affidavit that no changes have been made to the…

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