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2017 Real Estate Year in Review and 2018 Real Estate Forecast from ALTRU Realty

2018 real estate forecast2017 in Review Altru Realty

Without a doubt a 2017 was a fantastic year for Altru Realty as we finished the year strong and accomplished many milestones. We successfully launched the new Altru Realty website ( and were able to position the company for expansion into additional states beyond our current offerings in Florida, Colorado and New York.

Altru Realty’s sister company Move In Virtual Tours was also launched in 2017. Move In Virtual Tours offers HD magazine quality photos as well as tours shot with Matterport, the only all-in-one reality capture system that gives you realistic, interactive 3D and VR experiences that feel as real as being there.  Move In Virtual Tours is very handy for the Altru Team as it gives us control over the quality of photography.

Altru Realty also expanded its unique market position by introducing a new term the “Altru Certified Negotiator.” As the website explains, an Altru Certified Negotiator is a new way to look at an agent’s credentials. As opposed to hiring a Realtor with little to no formal training in negotiations and the barrier to entry is a mere 2-week real estate class, we at Altru Realty believe a seller’s needs are better served if they hired a Realtor-Negotiator or in our case an Altru Certified Negotiator.

As a co-founder of Altru Realty with one billion dollars in sales and over 3900 transactions behind me, I find buyer’s agents woefully unskilled at negotiating. Most buyer’s agents only negotiating tool was to low-ball and hope to meet a seller in the middle. But even less skilled than buyer’s agents was that of a listing agent. In their case, the majority have no training whatsoever in real estate negotiations and the buyer’s agent’s number one tool to negotiating is to demand a counter offer by 5 pm just to make sure they give their buyer the impression that they are working hard.

As a broker with extensive sales expertise I became a master negotiator over a 13 year period as a matter of survival because of the numerous deals that came my way as the broker-operator of a large discount real estate brokerage. I actually discovered better ways to get higher sales prices for sellers because I wasn’t focused on earning a large commission (I was and still am a discount real estate broker) but rather I focused just on representing sellers with single-agency. My goal was to make sellers really happy, get repeat business and referrals. I developed advanced negotiating skills which I penned out in a book I wrote in mid-2017 and hope to have that book published in early 2018. The title is still not finalized but the book is all about negotiating, real estate misnomers and more.

The term “Altru Certified Negotiator” came into being because it took 15 months of training to re-create another negotiating professional with equal skills to myself. That protégé was Renee-Golda Widman. Renee had 12 years of real estate experience prior to joining Altru Realty. Renee is now the National Director of Altru Realty Negotiations and Training. We also currently have a 3rd Altru Realty Certified Negotiator being trained. While there are other full-service discount real estate brokerages in our space we believe we have a competitive advantage when it comes to getting a seller more for their property.

2018 Forecast Altru Realty 

We are fully staffed and ready for an extremely busy 2018 ahead of us. I see 2018 completely differently than what I saw in 2017. In 2017, we started slow and ended slow while I see 2018 starting faster and I believe the summer move-season will be particularly strong, unlike 2017. Another factor is the frothy stock market. This has two effects on real estate. Those who are making money in their 401k’s and other investments may move money into real estate or have the money to finally make that move that has been on hold. The employment outlook remains strong so I expect more job transfers. It’s all green lights for 2018 and Altru Realty is ready!

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