Multiple Offers

Be Sure Your Agent Can Manage Multiple Offers

multiple offers

multiple offersAt Altru Realty we are trained to manage multiple offers—a professional skill that’s needed when we’ve priced a home anticipating that multiple buyers will make full-priced offers. Once the full price offers come flooding in, the Altru team is prepared to effectively handle the work flow and the challenges that multiple offers bring.

And multiple offers bring do bring multiple challenges!  The Altru negotiator may actually be negotiating as many as 18 offers over a 6 to 12 day period. Every one of those offers must be thoroughly vetted using a vigorous and detailed process which includes verifying that all buyers are qualified with their lenders. And every one of those offers represents a negotiation challenge to maximize the ultimate sale price.

As a case in point, in a recent transaction in Sunrise Florida, an Altru seller had a total of 18 offers. The end result of these multiple competing offers, handled by a skilled Altru agent, was a sales price 10% over list resulting in an offer that created an appraisal shortfall of $10,000. Because the Altru team had anticipated the appraisal shortfall (not uncommon in multiple offer scenarios), they were prepared to negotiate with the buyer to pay that shortfall and close the deal.

Managing multiple offers is one of many skills you should look for when you choose your realty company, and at Altru, you will find them all.




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