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Finding the best list price for your home: expertise or lucky guess?

Is establishing the best list price based on comparable sales, expertise or just a lucky guess? Finding an accurate list price is a combination of three important factors: comparable sales analysis, a very important interview with the seller by the listing agent, and expertise in market psychology by the listing agent. Of course, a bit of luck is at play…

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Pricing your home

How To Price A Home

How to Price a Home The best way to determine a home’s list price is NOT to rely on Zillow, but to combine known home data points including a seller’s knowledge, past sale data or comparable sale analysis, and some savvy thinking. What is the Zillow Factor Anyway? Do not seriously consider Zillow’s Zestimate or any home pricing algorithm as…

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How to Accurately Estimate the Value of your Home

How do you accurately estimate the value of your home? When under the excellent guidance of Altru Realty, pricing the home accurately is an artful process of critical importance for a successful sale. Most offers, if not a full-price offer, are always a meet-in-the-middle offer. If a seller is listed at $550,000 and the offer is $500,000, that buyer’s intent…

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