sell real estate
Sell Your Home

Is it time to sell real estate and park your cash?

Interest rates are now pushing 4.5% for an average 30 year mortgage which still remains historically low, but more factors than historically low interest rates affect the direction of the real estate market.  The US real estate market seems to be cycling with the US economy, so it’s important to pay attention to trends in the economic market place in…

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Tax reform homestead exemption sell your home in 2017
Homestead Tax Exemption, Sell Your Home, Tax Reform

Are you Considering Selling Your Home? Avoid possible tax disadvantage by getting your home under contract in 2017

There is a time bomb no one is talking about in regards to tax reform. The homestead tax exemption currently states if you live in a house for 2 out of 5 years you don’t pay capital gains tax. The bill in congress right now has this being changed to 5 out of 8 years. “Some people could feel blindsided…

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